Online Advertising

Pay Per Click

The organic search for search engines chooses the most searches optimized websites from the web and list them down. But there is another mechanism by which you can gain customers attention when they search for their required product. (PPC) or Sponsor listing is a paid search mechanism that websites can use to attract targeted traffic. A Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing enables you to list your site at the top of the Search Engine results.

You pay only when someone clicks on your listing and visits your site. Simpsol Solution lists your website by selecting keywords that are relevant to your product or service, determining how much you are willing to spend. The higher you bid, the higher you will appear in the search results.

Simpsol Solutions undertakes structured approach to achieve the best PPC marketing.

Choice of keywords to bid for becomes the most important factor that can make the campaign a success or a failure.
The price of your bid in comparison to the competitor is researched and well proposed by Simpsol Solutions.
Monitoring Pay Per Click Programs is essential to determine, control and improve the return on investment.
You need to cautiously choose the company which can do the homework of learning your business process before assisting you in the PPC Marketing to target the most appropriate keywords. At Simpsol, we have been doing this for so many business groups. You just need to come forward and trust.

Social Media Marketing

Do you know exactly how much average time a youth spends on facebook or such social networks? It’s enough to change the fate of any organization. Customer today decides the fate of business as they have choices. Today, customer no longer want to follow the traditional way and utterly depends on internet to get information on how, what and where to buy. They search over internet to gain utmost information on any product and services through reviews, articles, and blogs or ask any friends through social networking media. Even their accessibility from mobile devices makes them even more popular and hence important. Earlier, online search was confined to only text, but nowadays, users are intended to use other contents like images, map, news and video in the search bar. Since these elements influence organic search placing, online business are compelled to mull-over social media planning and social media marketing.

Simpsol Solutions uses Social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter to market your organization and do the brand building.
Every campaign is unique to that specific brand and every social media campaign is designed to create a buzz about that brand.
As a social media agency, Simpsol Solutions will study your business website, your market, and your clients, and then will use this information to select the best Social Media to promote your website and to get you the maximum visibility.

Reach for a free consultation on how you can best leverage the social network.