Email Marketing

emailmarketingEmail is one of the best and quickest ways to talk directly to your customers (with their permission) and it’s a straightforward process. Bring customers to your website, increase brand awareness & create conversations with your customers all for GHC 0.02 per customer. Send Announcements, Ecards, Newsletters, Invitations, Press releases, Catalogue emails, Questionnaires, Surveys, etc. to your customers.


A well planned and designed email marketing strategy can deliver more leads, more customers, more sales.

Talk straight to your customers

Email is are a great way to talk directly to your customers, even instigate a two way conversation. Email doesn’t rely on your customer remembering to visit your website, seeing a print advertisement, making a phone call or searching out a catalogue. You’re talking to an audience of one. You can get personal.

Create brand awareness

Email campaigns can inform and entertain your customers, develop relationships and keep them aware of your brand until they’re ready to buy.
Don’t overdo it though, there’s a thin line between being informative and
being annoying.


Email can be customised to match your customer’s interests. No other medium is as personal or versatile. You can include hyperlinks so you’re showing your customer exactly what you want them to see.

Low cost

You only pay for the people you send to. It’s quick to produce, no print or postage costs. You can react speedily and test out your marketing ideas.

Email campaigns can help direct exactly who you want to your website or specific website page. With instant viewing figures it’s easy to measure your return on investment.

Fully integrated marketing

Email should be designed within the structure of your existing brand and marketing material. We focus on the design and technology, you focus on your customers.